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ACS Clinical Congress Report 2017


The American College of Surgeons (ACS) Clinical Congress is designed to offer a broad range of substantive opportunities for surgeons to interact with colleagues, participate in discussions, and learn about the latest innovations in our profession. The 2017 ACS Clinical Congress met all of these expectations.

The ACS Clinical Congress Report is a collection of news articles and videos from the meeting. This sampling of reportage by ACS Surgery News is meant to convey the essence of the meeting: new ideas, intense debate, and a profound commitment to professional development. We are especially proud to highlight the many substantive presentations by surgical trainees.

We hope this collection of articles will serve as a reminder of what the Clinical Congress is all about. The 2018 ACS Clinical Congress will be held in Boston, Oct. 21-25. Surgeons will be offered another great opportunity hear important presentations and updates, meet with colleagues, and witness firsthand the breaking news and unveiling of discoveries in our field. We hope you are inspired to attend.

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Karen E. Deveney, MD, FACS
Tyler G. Hughes, MD, FACS

Co-Editors, ACS Surgery News

Therese Borden
Managing Editor, ACS Surgery News

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