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Read the November Bulletin : Should your health care system invest in an ambulatory surgical center


The November issue of the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons is now available online at This month’s Bulletin includes the following features, columns, and new stories, among others:


• Should your health care system invest in an ambulatory surgery center? A decision-making framework

• Frank R. Lewis, Jr., MD, FACS: 15 years of visionary leadership at the American Board of Surgery

• A history of health information technology and the future of interoperability


• Looking forward: Health care reform

• What surgeons should know about...The New Medicare Card Project

• ACS NSQIP best practices case studies: Quality improvement in imaging strategies for pediatric appendicitis


• Barbara Lee Bass, MD, FACS, FRCS(Hon), installed as 98th ACS President

• Honorary Fellowship in the ACS awarded to 10 prominent surgeons

• Call for nominations for the ACS Board of Regents and ACS Officers-Elect

The Bulletin is available in a variety of digital formats to satisfy every reader’s preference, including an interactive version and a smartphone app. Go to the Bulletin website at to connect to any of these versions or to read the articles directly online.

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