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Clinical trial: Mesh weights compared for ventral hernia repair



A clinical trial comparing heavy- and medium-weight surgical mesh for ventral hernia repairs is recruiting patients.

The Long-term Results of Heavy Weight Versus Medium Weight Mesh in Ventral Hernia Repair trial will determine if mesh weight has an impact on postoperative pain, ventral hernia recurrence, incidence of deep wound infection, and overall quality of life following ventral hernia repair with mesh.

Patients will be included if they have a ventral hernia, are 18 years of age or older, have a defect classified as CDC wound class 1, are able to achieve midline fascial closure, have a hernia defect width less than or equal to 20 cm, can tolerate general anesthesia, and can give informed consent. Patients will be excluded if they have undergone emergent ventral hernia repair, undergone laparoscopic or robotic ventral hernia repair, undergone staged repair of their ventral hernia, or are pregnant at the time of the surgery.

The primary outcome of this trial is pain that will be measured via the NIH Promis 3A Pain instrument in 1 year postoperatively. Other outcomes include hernia recurrence, to be determined via the Ventral Hernia Recurrence Inventory; the occurrence of a deep wound infection, to be determined by physical examination and/or computed tomography scanning; and quality of life measured by the HerQLes questionnaire.

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