Test storyHeadline – 7 words, sentence case, active verb, include best SEO terms


Key clinical point: Major point of the article. Maximum 10 words/1 sentence.

Major finding: Key numerical finding (e.g., number needed to treat to prevent one death/event; number lived or died as result of intervention). Maximum 10 words/1 sentence.

Data source: Include type of study (e.g., randomized, placebo controlled trial; retrospective case-control study). Include number in the study.

Disclosures: Sponsor of study, funding source, relevant disclosures. If author has no relevant disclosures, “Dr. X reported having no financial disclosures.” If necessary, “Meeting Y did not require reports of financial disclosures.” Check meeting website because many list disclosures. Written in sentence form.

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Headline – 5 words. Do not build on or repeat main headline

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Second and subsequent grafs

Doctor’s Name and Bio


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