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Fresh Press: ACS Surgery News January issue now online


The January issue of ACS Surgery News is available on the website. This month’s issue features a special report on burnout. A new paradigm of burnout is emerging: The roots of the problem may be institutional. Addressing physician burnout must begin with recognition of the challenge and a commitment to change from the top levels of management, according to a study by Tait D. Shanafelt, MD, and John Noseworthy, MD, of the Mayo Clinic.

Tyler G. Hughes, MD, FACS, Co-Editor of ACS Surgery News, reflects on the career of a rural surgeon who made her mark and had a profound impact on her community, despite her short life.

Don’t miss our annual Meet the Editorial Advisory Board feature. This year, we welcome seven new members: Joshua A. Broghammer, MD, FACS; Samer G. Mattar, MD, FACS; Arden M. Morris, MD, FACS; Rudolfo J. Oviedo, MD, FACS; Kevin M. Reavis, MD, FACS; Michael D. Sarap, MD, FACS; and Gary Timmerman, MD, FACS. On behalf of the editors and our readers, we sincerely thank our members who have finished their term. These colleagues have given of their time and expertise for the benefit of their fellow surgeons. They have earned our admiration and gratitude.

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