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New ACS Surgeons as Leaders Video Released



The American College of Surgeons (ACS) Division of Education has released a new video, Surgeons as Leaders: From Boardroom to Operating Room, which highlights the Surgeons as Leaders course, a three-day program for surgeons of all backgrounds and specialties who aspire to enhance their skills in leading individuals and organizations across the surgical landscape. The video is available at

The two-minute video demonstrates how the course provides surgeons with the skills that are essential to effective leadership and with an understanding of the leadership required at all levels of practice and in the surgical community. ACS Fellows in the video describe how the course’s interactive forums, small group discussions, and presentations by national leaders have helped participants recognize and develop leadership attributes they already possess, as well as translate the principles of leadership into action.

Share the Surgeons as Leaders video with other surgeons in your network, and stay tuned for additional videos highlighting of ACS Division of Education programs. Visit the College’s website at to learn more about ACS Education and Training opportunities.

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