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Pronator Teres Myotendinous Tear

Pronator teres muscle strain is a rare sporting injury reported thus far only in cricket and golf players. The injury appears to occur when the...

Clinical Review

Mastering the Physical Examination of the Athlete’s Hip

Perform a comprehensive examination to determine intra-articular pathology as well as potential extra-articular sources of hip and pelvic pain....

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Thigh Injuries in American Football

American football has the highest injury rate of any team sport in the United States at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels....

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In My Athletic Trainer’s Bag

Doug Quon, MAT, ATC, PES Editor’s Note: Doug Quon, MAT, ATC, PES, is the Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Washington Redskins. Here he lists the...

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Concussions in American Football

Football is an important component of American culture, with approximately 3 million youth athletes, 1.1 million high school athletes, and 100,000...