Doing Everything


This approach is effectively one of risk and benefit, recognition of uncertainty, and adherence to patient values. We recognize the inevitability of death from the beginning of a serious illness and openly discuss with our patients their fears and goals. We join with them in the uncertain future and the hard decisions to come. We work with patients to embrace life-enhancing therapies and to forgo death-avoiding therapies in order to maximize those that work toward patient-centered outcomes. This is a world in which we aggressively do everything to promote health, broadly defined, and ameliorate suffering. We always do everything.

Dr. Weinstein is an ACS Fellow and associate professor of surgery at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. He is director of the surgical intensive care unit and Executive Medical Co-Director of the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Center for Critical Care. He is a member of the Palliative Care Task Force of the American College of Surgeons.


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