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Fibrin Glue as Interposition Graft for Tarsal Coalition

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We describe a surgical technique and report outcomes for fibrin glue interposition after resection of a tarsal coalition.

An institutional review board–approved retrospective review of all pediatric patients with a tarsal coalition managed with resection was conducted between January 2002 and July 2010 by a single surgeon. All coalitions were resected with interposition of fibrin glue. Patients were evaluated for postoperative complications, pain, weight-bearing status, return to sports, and ankle and subtalar range of motion. Six feet without a coalition were used as a control group.

Nine patients (12 feet) were identified with mean follow-up of 2.1 years (range, 7-72 months). Preoperative complaints were predominately foot and ankle pain. Patients also reported flatfeet and recurrent ankle sprains. There were no reported postoperative complications. All 9 patients were weight-bearing as tolerated and returned to sports by 6 months.

Fibrin glue is a safe and reliable alternative to tissue grafts for interposition after resection of a tarsal coalition.


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