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Transcatheter aortic valve-in-ring for mitral disease a winner



Survival climbing with operator experience

“In the early days of the TMVR MAC registry, the 30-day mortality rate was 37%. It came down to 22% in the middle third of the registry, then about 18% in the final third. Now we’ve got it down in MITRAL to 16.7%, but when you separate the rate in the transseptal versus the transatrial patients, it’s 13% versus 20%. The difference is not statistically significant, but it’s promising, and I think we are making great progress,” Dr. Guerrero said.

Safety and efficacy endpoints in MITRAL will be reported again at 1 year of follow-up.

The MITRAL trial was partially supported by Edwards Lifesciences. Dr. Guerrero reported receiving a research grant from that company and serving as a consultant to Tendyne Holdings/Abbott and on a speakers bureau for Abiomed.

SOURCE: Guerrero M. No abstract.

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