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Significant clinical response induced by vismodegib in advanced sarcoma: Hedgehog pathway inhibition

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There is no current standard second- line treatment for metastatic soft tissue sarcoma. The choice of systemic therapy is histology-driven and therefore treatment is individualized for each patient. The future of oncology is heading towards an even more personalized approach with molecular profiling. Our case report highlights the relevance of genomic testing and targeted therapies, especially in cases of diverse clinical and biological disease behavior.

Molecular targeting is even more necessary in patients with advanced cancer who have failed multiple lines of treatment. As in our study, these patients can obtain a significant response with meaningful improvement in their quality of life. Future research is currently focusing on identifying new molecular targets in patients with advanced refractory cancers. Further studies will need to be done to determine whether these molecular targeting agents, such as vismodegib, lead to significant outcome changes in these patients.

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