The Office


The Sunshine Act, 5 years hence

The law’s questionable impact and apparent lack of enforcement do not mean you can ignore it. The data are still being collected and displayed.


Don’t forget about OSHA

Failure to comply with OSHA regulations can result in stiff penalties running into many thousands of dollars.


Credit cards FAQ

How do you safeguard the credit information you keep on file? The same way we do medical information; it's all covered by the same HIPAA rules.


Website improvements

With a few relatively simple but important modifications, you can convert casual website viewers to patients.


Beware the con

The jury duty scheme, I learned, is an increasingly popular one.


How to set up your own RSS feed

Doing so can help increase readership on your website, publicize a podcast, or keep patients abreast of your practice’s latest treatments and...


RSS feeds are a versatile online tool

RSS feeds are an efficient method of staying current on all the subjects on the web that interest you – medical and otherwise.


MACRA in a nutshell

Since the first MIPS “performance period” ends on Dec. 31, Dr. Eastern provides the basics on getting up to speed on MACRA and MIPS.


Be alert for embezzlement

A few simple measures can help prevent and uncover a large proportion of dishonest behavior in the office.