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Lean Mass, Muscle Strength and Power, in Older Men

J Bone Miner Res; ePub 2018 Apr 27; Chalhoub, et al

In older men, stronger associations were observed for appendicular lean mass (ALM) compared to muscle strength and power, a recent study found. Researchers studied the association between ALM, grip strength, and leg power, and central quantitative computed tomography (QCT) parameters in 2,857 men aged ≥65 years; peripheral QCT was available on a subset (n=786). ALM, grip strength, and leg power were measured by dual‐energy X‐ray absorptiometry (DXA), Jamar dynamometer, and the Nottingham Power Rig, respectively. Percent differences of bone parameters between lowest (Q1) and highest quartiles (Q4) of ALM, grip strength, and leg power were reported. They found:

  • ALM was significantly associated with central and peripheral QCT parameters: percent higher values (Q4 vs Q1) ranging from 3.3% (cortical volumetric bone mineral density [vBMD] of the femoral neck) to 31% (vertebral strength index of the spine).
  • Grip strength was only significantly associated with radial parameters: percent higher values (Q4 vs Q1) ranging from 2.5% (periosteal circumference) to 7.5% (33% axial strength index –SSIx).
  • Leg power was associated with vertebral strength and lower cross‐sectional area with percent lower values (Q4 vs Q1) of ‐11.9% and ‐2.7%, respectively.


Chalhoub D, Boudreau R, Greenspan S, et al. Associations between lean mass, muscle strength and power, and skeletal size, density and strength in older men. [Published online ahead of print April 27, 2018]. J Bone Miner Res. doi:10.1002/jbmr.3458.

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