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No Infection Increase Seen With Biologics in Older Psoriasis Patients

Key clinical point: The risk of serious infection in older psoriasis patients doesn’t differ regardless of whether they’re on a biologic, a nonbiologic systemic, or phototherapy.

Major finding: The risk of serious bacterial or opportunistic infection is 2.24-fold greater in older psoriasis patients not on systemic therapy than in age-matched nonpsoriatic controls.

Study details: This was a propensity score–matched study of the risk of serious infections during the first 6 months after 8,119 psoriasis patients age 65 years or older newly initiated treatment with a biologic, a nonbiologic systemic drug, or phototherapy.

Disclosures: The study was entirely funded by Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The presenter reported serving as a consultant to and/or recipient of research grants from nearly two dozen pharmaceutical companies.


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