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This Genotype Might Predict Antipsychotic Response

Effect seen in study involving 2 medications

A schizophrenia risk variant at or near the DRD2 location is linked with observable differences in response to therapy that lowers striatal dopamine signaling

Data was derived and analyzed from the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium from patients randomly assigned to receive risperidone (n=51) or aripiprazole (n=49).

Among the results:

• Homozygotes for the risk (C) allele at rs2514218 had significantly greater reduction in positive symptoms vs the T allele carriers.

• In the aripiprazole group, C/C homozygotes showed more akathisia than the T allele carriers.

• In the risperidone group, male T allele carriers had greater prolactin elevations compared to male C/C homozygotes.

Citation: Zhang J, Robinson D, Gallego J, et al. Association of a schizophrenia risk variant at the DRD2 locus with antipsychotic treatment response in first-episode psychosis. Schizophr Bull. 2015;41(6):1248-1255.