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Antipsychotics Associated With Increased Risk of Cataracts in Schizophrenia

Second-generation antipsychotics (SGA) were independently associated with an increased risk of cataract in patients with schizophrenia regardless of the condition of metabolic-related diseases, a new study found. Researchers conducted a propensity scored matched population-based cohort study with 10,014 patients with newly diagnosed schizophrenia from 2005- 2009 and followed them until the end of 2013. They found:

  • During 8-year follow-up, patients receiving SGAs were associated with a higher risk of cataract vs those receiving first-generation antipsychotics (FGA).
  • Patients receiving high-metabolic-risk SGAs demonstrated the highest risk of cataracts among SG when compare with those receiving FGAs.
  • Diabetes mellitus and hyperlipidemia developed after antipsychotics contributed to the risk of cataract risk.


Fang SC, et al. Associations among antipsychotics, metabolism-related disease, and cataracts in patients with schizophrenia: A retrospective cohort study. [Published online ahead of print August 6, 2019]. Schizophrenia Res. doi:10.1016/j.schres.2019.07.049.