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Sleep, Trauma, and Psychosis-Like Experiences

Schizophr Res; ePub 2018 Mar 8; Andorko, et al

Disruptions in sleep, following or occurring alongside a traumatic experience, may somehow contribute to, or exacerbate the presence of psychosis-like experiences (PLEs), a recent study found. Researchers examined the joint influences of sleep and trauma on PLEs in an undergraduate sample. Self-report questionnaires on presence and distress of PLEs, sleep problems, and occurrence of previous traumatic experiences were completed by participants (n=409). In order to determine the unique impact of sleep on PLEs, 3 sets of predictors—sociodemographic, psychosocial (including trauma), and sleep—were entered in steps into a hierarchical multiple regression model. In the final model, specific sleep domains uniquely predicted PLEs, while previous trauma exposure, which was a significant predictor when entered in step 2 with other psychosocial variables, was no longer a significant predictor.


Andorko ND, Millman ZB, Klingaman E, et al. Association between sleep, childhood trauma and psychosis-like experiences. [Published online ahead of print March 8, 2018]. Schizophr Res. doi:10.1016/j.schres.2018.02.052.

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