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Mortality in Smokers With Schizophrenia

These accompanying disorders increase the risk

An autoimmune or GI disorder in smokers with schizophrenia significantly increases the risk of mortality, according to a prospective assessment involving 710 individuals.

Investigators conducted clinical evaluations and assessed blood samples from which immune and infectious disease markers were measured. They looked at the role of demographic, clinical, and serological factors on mortality.

43 patients died of natural causes. Relative risk of mortality was:

• Cigarette smoking: 6.93.

• Autoimmune disorder: 8.08.

• Gastrointestinal disorder: 3.53.

• Reduced maternal education: 0.84.

Researchers conducted a similar assessment of 406 individuals with bipolar disorder, 12 of whom died of natural causes. Relative risk of mortality was:

• Presence of diabetes: 3.90.

• Lower cognitive score: 0.95.

Citation: Dickerson F, Origoni A, Schroeder J, et al. Mortality in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: Clinical and serological predictors. [Published online ahead of print November 19, 2015] Schizophr Res. DOI: