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Positive/Negative Affect in Cocaine Use Disorder

Am J Addictions; ePub 2018 Jun 20; Decker, et al

Individuals with higher baseline positive affect (PA) were more likely to abstain from cocaine use during treatment, even when controlling for baseline cocaine use frequency, according to a recent study. Although baseline negative affect (NA) was not associated with cocaine use, NA during treatment was associated with greater cocaine use. This secondary analysis included 140 adults with cocaine use disorder, 57.9% female, drawn from 2 randomized controlled studies of web‐based cognitive‐behavior therapy who completed the Positive and Negative Affect Scale (PANAS) before and during treatment. Researchers found:

  • In mixed‐effects regression models, baseline negative affect (NA) scores were not associated with self‐reported cocaine use during treatment, but baseline PA scores were associated with less frequent cocaine use (β = −0.04).
  • During treatment, NA scores reduced over time in cognitive behavior therapy and treatment as usual (β = −0.27), although PA scores did not change.
  • Higher weekly NA scores were associated with weekly cocaine use [β = .02, SE = .01, t(746.15) = 2.37], although weekly PANAS PA scores were not associated with weekly cocaine use.

Decker SE, Morie KP, Malin-Mayo B, Nich C, Carroll KM. Positive and negative affect in cocaine use disorder treatment: Change across time and relevance to treatment outcome. [Published online ahead of print June 20, 2018]. Am J Addictions. doi:10.1111/ajad.12716.

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