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Alcohol Use Disorder and Sleep Disturbances

Behav Sleep Med; ePub 2018 Jan 29; Wallen, et al

Findings from a recent study support the use of latent class analysis (LCA) to identify subgroups of individuals with alcohol use disorders (AUDs) and accompanying sleep disturbances. This may provide clinicians with insight into the integrative tailoring of interventions that meet the varied needs of individuals with AUDs, accompanying comorbidities, and sleep disturbances. The sample of inpatient treatment-seeking individuals with AUDs (n=164) was 70.1% male and 47.6% African American with a mean age of 45.6 years (±9.5 years). LCA was used to identify unmeasured class membership based on 7 indicators. Researchers found:

  • The average number of drinking days in the 90 days preceding admission was 72.0 (±22.0 days), with an average of 13.16 drinks per day (±5.70 drinks).
  • Nearly one quarter (24.4%) of respondents reported lifetime posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • 3 latent classes were identified: Sleep Disturbance (SD); Sleep Disturbance, Anxiety and Depression (SD/AD); and Sleep Disturbance, Anxiety, and Depression, and PTSD (SD/AD/PTSD).
  • Members of the SD/AD/PTSD group were more likely to be female and had the highest withdrawal and sleep disturbance scores of all 3 groups.

Wallen GR, Park J, Krumlauf M, Brooks AT. Identification of distinct latent classes related to sleep, PTSD, depression, and anxiety in individuals diagnosed with severe alcohol use disorder. [Published online ahead of print January 29, 2018]. Behav Sleep Med. doi:10.1080/15402002.2018.1425867.

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