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Alcohol abstinence questioned as addiction treatment goal

AAAP 2018

Key clinical point: Studies show that clinical benefits can come from nonabstinence drinking reduction.

Major finding: Those achieving a reduction of just a few drinks a day can significantly improve in adverse consequences, mental health, and other outcomes.

Study details: Randomized trial of more than 1,000 patients treated with acamprosate, naltrexone, and psychological intervention.

Disclosures: Dr. Anton reported consulting and/or funding from Alkermes, Allergan, Indivior, Insys Life Epigenetics, and Laboratori Farmaceutico CT. Dr. O’Malley reported consulting and/or funding from Alkermes, Amygdala, Indivior, Mistubishi Tanabe, Opiant, and other sources. Dr. Falk reported no disclosures.