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2 Smoking Cessation Sites: Abstinence Rates Similar

Addiction; ePub 2017 Dec 13; Bricker, et al and had similar 30-day point prevalence abstinence rates at 12 months that were descriptively higher than those of prior published website-delivered interventions and telephone counselor-delivered interventions, a recent study found. Researchers conducted a 2-arm, stratified, double-blind, individually randomized trial (n=1,319 for WebQuit; n=1,318 for with a 12-month follow-up. Participants consisted of adults who currently smoked at least 5 cigarettes per day, recruited from March 2014 to August 2015 (mean [SD] age at baseline, 46.2 [13.4]; 79% women, and 73% white). They found:

  • The 12-month follow-up data retention rate was 88% (2,309/2,637).
  • The 30-day point prevalence abstinence rates at the 12-month follow-up were 24% (278/1,141) for and 26% (305/1,168) for in the a priori complete case analysis.
  • Abstinence rates were 21% (278/1,319) for and 23% (305/1,318) for when missing cases were imputed as smokers.
  • The Bayes Factor comparing the primary abstinence outcome was 0.17, indicating “substantial” evidence of no difference between groups.

Bricker JB, Mull KE, McClure JB, Watson NL, Heffner JL. Improving quit rates of web-delivered interventions for smoking cessation: Full scale randomized trial of versus [Published online ahead of print December 13, 2017]. Addiction. doi:10.1111/add.14127.

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