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Must reads for theWeek ending March 6, 2016

Stress in Young People at Risk for Psychosis, Schizophr Res; ePub 2016 Feb 21; Moskow, et al

Are Your Patients Getting Enough Sleep?, MMWR; 2016 Feb 19; Liu, Wheaton, Chapman, et al

Age-Related Changes in Glutamate Evaluated, Schizophr Res; ePub 2016 Feb 26; Brandt, et al

Combine These 2 Methods to Reduce Depression, Transl Psychiatry; ePub 2016 Feb 2; Alderman, et al

Stimulant Prescriptions, Use, ED Visits Evaluated, J Clin Psychiatry; ePub 2016 Feb 16; Chen, et al

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Must reads for theWeek ending February 28, 2016

Autism Screening in Young Children, USPSTF finds little evidence to advise either way

Cannabis Use and Psychiatric Issues , Analysis reveals prevalence in these disorders

Predictors of Bipolar Disorder in At-risk Youths, These 3 symptoms play an important role

Irritability in People with Bipolar Disorder, Its involvement shown during labeling task

Higher Doses of SSRIs Effective for Depression, But…, …benefit is somewhat offset by lower tolerability

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Must reads for theWeek ending February 21, 2016

Depression Screening in Children and Adolescents , USPSTF updates its recommendation

Predicting Negative & Unusually Positive Outcomes , Pretreatment symptom levels can help

Executive System Dysfunction in Young People, Impact on various psychiatric disorders evaluated

Abnormal Eating in Patients with Alzheimer , Link seen in this specific type of dementia

Buprenorphine-Samidorphan Combination for MDD, Evaluated as adjunct when standard therapy fails

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Must reads for theWeek ending February 14, 2016

Depression Symptoms in Teens Usually Treated, but…, …follow-up is low and treatment quality varies

Impact of GABA Level on Antipsychotics, Measures referenced to creatine or water evaluated

Genetic Variants May Predict Response to Lithium , Carriers of 4 alleles had lower relapse rates

Benzodiazepines and Cognitive Decline Risk, Various rates of usage evaluated vs non-use

Diet’s Impact on Sleep Arousals & Slow Wave Sleep , Fiber and saturated fat could play a role

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Must reads for theWeek ending February 7, 2016

Adzenys XR-ODT Approved to Treat ADHD , Extended-release orally disintegrating tablet

Team-Based Approach for First Episode Psychosis, How did it compare to usual community care?

3 Smoking Cessation Approaches Evaluated , Randomized trial shows no substantial differences

Autism and Intellectual Disabilities, These maternal factors seem to elevate risk

Low-dose Buprenorphine in Suicide-Prone Patients , Adjunctive use shows promise, with no withdrawal

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