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Summaries of Must-Read Clinical Literature, Guidelines, and FDA Actions

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Must reads for theWeek ending July 26, 2015

Mental and Substance Use Disorders, New IOM report details psychosocial interventions

Outpatient Treatment for Substance Use Disorders, Are there race or ethnic disparities?

Relatives at Risk for Bipolar Disorder, Revealing the genetic risk scores

Common Childhood Psychiatric Problems, Is adulthood transition disrupted?

Determining Paternal Age Effect, Ongoing risk factor for schizophrenia and BD

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Must reads for theWeek ending July 19, 2015

FDA Approves Rexulti for Schizophrenia, Drug also gets go-ahead as add-on for MDD

Young People and Antipsychotic Use, Identifying the trends and patterns

Cognizin Can Reduce Cocaine Use, Study: lessens dependence in bipolar patients

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, Can CBT-I help patients with psychiatric conditions?

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Must reads for theWeek ending July 5, 2015

Sleep Duration and Depression, Short and long sleep duration heightens depression risk

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Must reads for theWeek ending June 28, 2015

Psychotic-like Symptoms in Adult Offspring, Is older parental age a risk factor?

Amyloid Pathology in Persons Without Dementia , Estimates sought to understand development of AD

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