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Must reads for theWeek ending January 24, 2016

Prognosis of Brief Psychotic Episodes, Does recurrence risk differ between types?

Mental Illness in Offspring of Patients with BD , Higher rates seen in US children

Impact of Early Depression Later in Childhood, Trajectory of cortical gray matter evaluated

The Prevalence of Drug Use Disorder, 12-month and lifetime risk evaluated

Mental Disorders and Chronic Conditions , Link to onset of 10 physical illnesses evaluated

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Must reads for theWeek ending January 17, 2016

ADHD and Obesity/Overweight Prevalence, Meta-analysis looks at link in adults and children

Does This Symptom Scale Work in Bipolar Disorder?, Value previously demonstrated in schizophrenia

Does Age Matter in Addiction Treatment Success? , Analysis of more than 57,000 provides answer

Intermediate Biomarker for Schizophrenia? , Role of glutamate and GABA in mismatch negativity

History of Suicide Attempt and Bipolar Disorder , Association assessed in 2 cohorts

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Must reads for theWeek ending January 10, 2016

BLIPS: A Separate Psychosis Risk Group? , Brief limited intermittent symptoms evaluated

Nonmedical Use of Prescription Drugs Among Teens , Which meds most likely lead to suicide attempt?

Memory Recall and Depression Risk , Those in remission and at familial risk studied

Can Negative Age Stereotypes Predict Alzheimer? , MRI and autopsy findings show potential role

Perceived Stress and Memory Decline, Amnestic mild cognitive impairment risk seen

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Must reads for theWeek ending December 27, 2015

FDA Approves QuilliChew ER, Indicated for treatment of ADHD

Addressing Health-Risk Behaviors in Mentally Ill, Which interventions have the strongest evidence?

Androgen Deprivation Therapy and Alzheimer Risk, Study of patients with prostate cancer shows link

Psychosis and Innate Immunity, Surprising findings in those with recent onset

CV Events in Blacks With Depression Symptoms, 30% increase in adjusted incident stroke risk found

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Must reads for theWeek ending December 20, 2015

New Statement on Autism, Intellectual Disability , AACP best practices for hospitalization published

Identifying Psychosis Biotypes, Neurobiological schemes vs clinical categorization

Heavy TV Viewing and Low Physical Activity , Effect on midlife cognitive function evaluated

Screen Time and Depression Risk , Non-linear dose-response association seen

Do Patients Take Their Antidepressant Meds?, Prescribing data, blood samples provided the answer

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