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Finding ways to overcome setbacks

The end of a relationship, or loss of a loved one – or a job – are inevitable life events – and there are steps people can take to be resilient and find happiness, writes Arthur B. Markman, PhD.

First, Dr. Markman says, it is important to focus on steps that can be taken to improve a situation.

“As you engage in those actions, you will find that you feel better about your work and will also become more productive,” writes Dr. Markman, professor of psychology and marketing at the University of Texas, Austin.

A second strategy, he writes, is “surrounding yourself with people if you don’t feel like it.” This helps, he says, because sharing challenges with others can help people focus on what they need to do do. Third, Dr. Markman advises, it’s best to focus on small victories rather than long-term projects.

And finally, he says, it helps to interpret the actions of others through a positive lens. Why? Because this approach is more likely to create “positive reactions with others,” he writes.

Find Dr. Markman’s article in Fast Company.


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