Is vaccine hesitancy tide turning? And low LDL, blood pressure slash lifetime CVD risk

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Tide beginning to turn on vaccine hesitancy

By Doug Brunk

Pushback against antivaccination campaigns and advocates is stronger than ever.

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Other news:

Low LDL-C and blood pressure can reduce lifetime risk of CVD by 80%

The effects were seen in those with genetic variants linked with low LDL cholesterol and systolic blood pressure.

Statins in children cut long-term CVD risk in familial hypercholesterolemia

There were no cardiovascular-related deaths and one event in treated patients who were followed for 20 years.

Expert reviews strategies for diagnosing, treating onychomycosis

There is no such thing as a classical presentation of onychomycosis.

Small nodules, big problems: AI's role in thyroid nodule diagnosis

A novel algorithm for benign thyroid nodules showed good sensitivity and specificity.

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