Food may fuel IBD’s ignition; U.S. sees suicide rates spike

Monday, September 9, 2019

How does diet affect the risk of IBD?

By Erik Greb

Consumption of various foods increases the risk of incident IBD and may provoke associated symptoms.

Ashwin N. Ananthakrishnan, MD, MPH, delivered this message in a lecture at the 2019 annual Preston Conference in Chicago.

Other news:

New study confirms rise in U.S. suicide rates, particularly in rural areas

Suicide levels by county have increased dramatically in the United States, especially in rural areas.

Vape lung disease cases exceed 400, 3 dead

Vitamin E acetate is one possible culprit in the mysterious vaping-associated lung disease.

Modifiable risk factors account for many gout cases

A substantial proportion of gout cases are attributable to four modifiable lifestyle risk factors, including BMI and alcohol intake.

Pelvic floor muscle training outperforms attention-control massage for fecal incontinence

The investigators concluded that interventions do not necessarily need to be conducted at specialized centers.

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