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Useful Tool Created for Monitoring Immunizations

Vaccine; ePub 2018 Nov 30; Frew, Murden, et al

The Emory Vaccine Confidence Index (EVCI) may be a useful tool for monitoring of both population and individual confidence in childhood immunization, according to a recent investigation. Researchers used a web-based national poll of 893 parents of children aged <7 years in 2016 to assess the measures created for the EVCI. EVCI measures were developed using constructs related to vaccine confidence identified by the US National Vaccine Advisory Committee (ie, information environment, trust, healthcare provider, attitudes and beliefs, and social norms). They found:

  • Respondents’ EVCI scores could range from 0 to 24, and the full range of values was observed in this sample (mean = 17.5 [SD 4.8]).
  • EVCI scores were significantly different between parents who indicated their child(ren) received routinely recommended vaccines compared with parents who indicated they had delayed or declined recommended immunizations.
  • There was also a significant, consistent association between higher EVCI scores and greater reported vaccine receipt.

Frew PM, Murden R, Mehta CC, et al. Development of a US trust measure to assess and monitor parental confidence in the vaccine system. [Published online ahead of print November 30, 2018]. Vaccine. doi:10.1016/j.vaccine.2018.09.043.

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