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Vitamin D intake among U.S. infants has not improved, despite guidance

Key clinical point: Vitamin D intake has not improved in U.S. infants despite longstanding guidance on supplementation.

Major finding: Twenty-one percent of breastfeeding infants and 31% of nonbreastfeeding infants were deemed likely to have adequate vitamin D levels

Study details: An analysis of data for 1,435 infants from a government nutrition survey using caregiver-reported feeding information.

Disclosures: The National Institutes of Health funded the study, and Dr. Ahrens is supported by a faculty development grant from the Maine Economic Improvement Fund. The researchers declared no conflicts of interest. Dr. Loyal and Dr. Cameron disclosed no funding and no relevant financial disclosures.


Simon AE and Ahrens KA. Pediatrics 2020 May. doi: 10.1542/peds.2019-3574.