Writer in Residency

Writer in Residency

Observe, assess, intervene

Dr. Saba Fatima discusses the need to evaluate each child’s emotional and social development during a well-child visit, especially in single-...

Writer in Residency

A prescription for health literacy

Dr. Anne-Laure Talbot discusses helping families get the most relevant and current medical information.

Writer in Residency

Self-directed learning

Dr. Kimberly Hung and Dr. Akhila Ramakrishna reflect on the importance of attending physicians and self-directed learning by resident physicians...

Writer in Residency

The fellowship of motherhood

Dr. Marielle J. Fricchione underscores the need for a basic breastfeeding curriculum in pediatrics residencies.


Where is he now?

In this resident’s column, Dr. Shashank P. Behere reflects on the choices made by parents of a complex pediatric patient now in the ICU, and how...