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Adolescent Muscle Mass, Activity, and Diet Assessed

Pediatr Obes; ePub 2018 Sep 17; Hao, Pollock, et al

Physical activity and consumption of both sugar‐sweetened beverages and saturated fats are associated with skeletal muscle mass in adolescents, according to a recent study. More importantly, these findings suggest that sugar‐sweetened beverage intake may attenuate the beneficial effects of physical activity on skeletal muscle mass. Researchers assessed diet with 4 to 7 24‐hour recalls and physical activity by accelerometry in 640 adolescents. Using total body measures of fat‐free soft tissue mass and fat mass assessed by dual‐energy X‐ray absorptiometry, the skeletal muscle mass index (SMMI) was derived by adjusting fat‐free soft tissue mass for fat mass in addition to height. They found:

  • SMMI was negatively associated with consumption of sugar‐sweetened beverages (standardized beta coefficient [β] = −0.10) and saturated fats (β = −0.28).
  • SMMI was positively associated with physical activity (moderate + vigorous) (β = 0.20).
  • In further analysis, a significant interaction was observed between physical activity and sugar‐sweetened beverage intake on SMMI.

Hao G, Pollock NK, Harris RA, Gutin B, Su S, Wang X. Associations between muscle mass, physical activity and dietary behaviour in adolescents. [Published online ahead of print September 17, 2018]. Pediatr Obes. doi:10.1111/ijpo.12471.

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