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PFS better with trofosfamide than doxorubicin in elderly patients with untreated metastatic soft-tissue sarcomas

Hartman JT et al. ASCO 2018, Abstract 11507.

Key clinical point: The oral alkylating agent trofosfamide showed efficacy in a small number of elderly patients with untreated metastatic soft-tissue sarcomas.

Major finding: In a randomized phase 2 trial that compared trofosfamide with doxorubicin (Adriamycin), the 6-month progression-free survival (PFS) rate with trofosfamide, the primary endpoint, was 27. 6% versus 35.9% in the doxorubicin arm.

Study details: Randomized phase 2 trial comparing trofosfamide with doxorubicin in 120 elderly patients with histologically confirmed metastatic soft-tissue sarcomas with no prior first-line chemotherapy and with adequate bone marrow, renal, and liver functionelderly patients with previously untreated .

Disclosures: The trial was supported by Baxter Oncology of Germany. Dr. Hartmann reported having no conflicts of interest to disclose.

Source: Hartman JT et al. ASCO 2018, Abstract 11507.


Hartman JT et al. ASCO 2018, Abstract 11507.

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