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Study could clarify CTC-based staging of metastatic breast cancer

Davis A et al. ASCO 2018 Poster 1019.

Key clinical point: A CTC count less than 5 per 7.5 mL of blood in patients with MBC indicates an indolent disease subset.

Major finding: Median OS for stage IVindolent vs. stage IVaggressive disease was 4.0 vs. 17.3 months in HER2-negative patients, 23.8 vs. 9.0 months in TNBC patients, and 36.7 vs. 20.4 months in HER2-positive disease.

Study details: A pooled analysis of data from two cohort studies including 2,436 patients.

Disclosures: This study was supported by the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Research OncoSET Program at Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center. Dr. Davis reported having no disclosures.

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Davis A et al. ASCO 2018 Poster 1019.

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