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Contraceptive Use in Women with PDS

Contraception; ePub 2017 Sep 25; Lawley, et al

A large percentage of US women reporting postpartum depressive symptoms (PDS) are either not using contraception or using less effective user-dependent methods, a recent study found. Data were evaluated from the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System, 2009-2011, and included 16,357 postpartum women. Contraceptive use was categorized as permanent, long-acting reversible contraception (LARC), user-dependent hormonal, and user-dependent non-hormonal. Researchers found:

  • 12.3% of women with a recent live birth reported PDS.
  • Large percentages of women with (69.4%) and without (76.1%) PDS used user-dependent or no contraceptive method.
  • There were no associations between PDS and use of any postpartum contraception or permanent contraception.
  • LARC use was evaluated, but not significantly, among women with PDS vs those without.


Lawley ME, Haddad L, Burley K, Farr SL. Use of contraception among U.S. women reporting postpartum depressive symptoms, Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System 2009-2011. [Published online ahead of print September 25, 2017]. Contraception. doi:10.1016/j.contraception.2017.09.009.

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