Conference Coverage: European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE): Annual Meeting

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Oocyte donation may up risk of preterm birth

HELSINKI – The risk of preterm birth and low birth weight is higher following oocyte donation for in vitro fertilization, compared with autologous...

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Jury still out on value of r-HGH with IVF

HELSINKI, FINLAND – Recombinant human growth hormone, or r-HGH, offered no advantage over placebo with respect to improving the live birth rate...

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mtDNA level predicts IVF embryo viability

Mitochondrial DNA level appears to be a useful biomarker for in vitro fertilization embryo viability, according to findings from a blinded...

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DHEA unable to turn the tide of ovarian aging

DHEA supplementation was no match for the powerful effects of ovarian aging in women with diminished ovarian reserve in the DITTO trial. Women who...