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Prepregnancy Caffeine Intake and Miscarriage Risk

Fertil Steril; ePub 2016 Mar 22; Buck Louis, Sapra, et al

Women who drink >2 daily caffeinated beverages during the first 7 weeks of pregnancy are more likely to miscarry, as are women who drink >2 daily caffeinated beverages along with her partner during the weeks leading up to conception. However, women who took a daily multivitamin before conception and through early pregnancy were less likely to miscarry than women who did not. This according to a study of 344 couples with a singleton pregnancy followed daily through 7 postconception weeks of gestation. Researchers also found:

• Of 344 pregnancies, 28% ended in miscarriage.

• For the preconception period, miscarriage was associated with female age ≥35 (HR=1.96).

• Both male and female consumption of >2 caffeinated beverages a day was associated with an increased hazard ratio (1.74 for females, 1.73 for males).

• There was a reduction in miscarriage risk for women who took a daily multivitamin during the preconception period (HR=0.45) and for women who continued to take the vitamins through early pregnancy (HR=0.21).

Citation: Buck Louis GM, Sapra KJ, Schisterman EF, et al. Lifestyle and pregnancy loss in a contemporary cohort of women recruited before conception: The LIFE study. [Published online ahead of print March 22, 2016]. Fertil Steril. doi: