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Prenatal Screenings and Pregnancy Outcomes

A look at adverse outcomes and fetal abnormalities

More than one positive prenatal screening in the first or second trimester is rare but indicates a very high risk for chromosomal abnormality, fetal demise, or structural abnormality, according to a study of 874 women drawn from a population of 452,901 women pregnant with singletons entering their first trimester. Overall, more than 50% of women with multiple positive screening results had either a fetus with a birth defect or poor pregnancy outcomes. Study details showed:

• Over 25% of the pregnancies had a fetus with a chromosomal abnormality.

• 6.9% has a fetus with a major birth defect of the euploid pregnancies.

• 9.3% of pregnancies with a fetus with neither a chromosomal abnormality nor a major birth defect ended in fetal demise.

Citation: Baer RJ, Currier RJ, Norton ME, et al. Outcomes of pregnancies with more than one positive prenatal screening result in the first or second trimester. Prenat Diagn. [Published online ahead of print August 19, 2015]. doi: 10.1002/pd.4682.