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Panniculectomy-Combined Surgical Staging

Do post-op complications follow?

Panniculectomy-combined surgical staging is a feasible treatment option, especially for superobese patients with endometrial cancer, according to a study of 551 patients with endometrial cancer who underwent hysterectomy-based surgical staging. The majority of patients in the study undergoing panniculectomy-combined surgical staging recovered uneventfully and without postoperative complications. Other results included:

• Intraoperative major complication rates were statistically nonsignificant across the panniculectomy group, laparotomy group, and minimally invasive surgery group (0%, 7.2% and 4.2%; P = 0.23).

• The panniculectomy group did have a significantly higher postoperative major complication rate compared with other approaches (36.4%, 16.3%, and 5.1%; P<0.001).

• Among superobese patients (n=50), intraoperative and postoperative complications rates were statistically similar across the groups.

Citation: Ramzan AA, Garcia-Sayre J, Hom MS, et al. Relative morbidity and mortality of panniculectomy-combined surgical staging in endometrial cancer. Int J. Gynecol Cancer. [Published online ahead of print August 12, 2015]. doi: 10.1097/IGC.0000000000000520.