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HPV Vaccine-Related Risk Perceptions

Vaccine; ePub 2016 Jun 10; Mullins, Zimet, et al

Perceived risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) other than human papillomavirus (HPV) was not associated with subsequent sexual behaviors or STI diagnosis among vaccinated adolescent women. This according to a study of 112 sexually experienced girls aged 13 to 21 years (mean age 17.9 years; 88% black; 49% with history of STI at baseline) enrolled at the time of first HPV vaccination and completed ≥2 of 4 follow-up visits at 2, 6, 18, 30 months and including 30 months. Researchers found:

• Scale scores for perceived need for safer sexual behaviors did not change significantly over time.

• Scaled scores for perceived risk of STIs other than HPV over 30 months changed, indicating that girls perceived themselves to be more at risk of STIs other than HPV over 30 months following vaccination.

• Greater perceived need for safer sexual behaviors following vaccination was associated with condom use, but not with number of partners or STI diagnosis.

• Perceived risk of STIs other than HPV was not associated with these 3 outcomes.

Citation: Mullins TL, Zimet GD, Rosenthal SL, Morrow C, Ding L, Huang B, Kahn JA. Human papillomavirus vaccine-related risk perceptions and subsequent sexual behaviors and sexually transmitted infections among vaccinated adolescent women. [Published online ahead of print June 10, 2016]. Vaccine. doi:10.1016/j.vaccine.2016.06.026.