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Range of interventions reduces likelihood of infection after hysterectomy

Key clinical point: Efforts to improve hand hygiene, optimize antibiotic order sets, and remove catheters sooner may be among a range of interventions that can decrease the risk of infections after hysterectomy.

Major finding: Infectious morbidity rates decreased from 7% in year 1 (47 infections per 644 cases) to 4% in year 3 (22 infections per 616 cases).

Study details: An analysis of data from 1,867 hysterectomies performed between Oct. 8, 2015, and Oct. 7, 2018, at one center.

Disclosures: Study authors disclosed salary support from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and royalties from UpToDate.


Uppal S et al. SGS 2020, Abstract 16.