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Chemotherapy Use During Radiation for Cervical Cancer

Gynecol Oncol; ePub 2016 May 28; Uppal, del Carmen, et al

Hospitals across the US saw rates of concurrent chemo-radiotherapy (C-CRT) vary significantly while those with high case volume had higher rates and more consistent patterns of C-CRT administration. This according to a study of 18,164 patients with locally invasive cervical carcinoma diagnosed between January 1, 2004 and December 31, 2012 and undergoing definitive radiation therapy. Researchers found:

• Utilization of C-CRT increased from 72.4% in 2004 to 84.3% in 2012.

• Increasing age, African-American race, Charlson-comorbidity index of ≥2, Medicaid insurance status, uninsured status, and stage I disease were independently associated with lack of C-CRT, after adjustment for patient, tumor, and treatment factors.

• Low volume hospitals were observed to have overall significantly lower rates and greater variation in C-CRT administration.

• Patients in the “radiation therapy only” group had an overall worse survival rate (adjusted HR=1.47).

Citation: Uppal S, del Carmen MG, Rice LW, et al. Variation in care in concurrent chemotherapy administration during radiation for locally advanced cervical cancer. [Published online ahead of print May 28, 2016]. Gynecol Oncol. doi: