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BMI and OS in Women with Cervical Cancer

Gynecol Oncol; ePub 2016 Apr 4; Clark, Jackson, et al

Patients with cervical cancer who were either extremely underweight or overweight/obese had worse overall survival (OS) outcomes compared to normal weight individuals. This according to a study of 632 patients with cervical cancer treated from July 2000 to March 2013. Researchers found:

• Underweight and overweight/obese patients had worse median recurrence free survival (RFS) than normal weight patients (7.6 vs 25.0 months).

• Underweight patients also had worse OS (10.4 vs 28.4 months) and disease-specific survival (DSS) (13.8 vs 28.4 months) compared to normal weight patients.

• Overweight/obese patients had worse OS than normal weight patients (22.2 vs 28.4 months) and a trend toward worse DSS (21.9 vs 28.4 months).

Citation: Clark LH, Jackson AL, Soo AE, Orrey DC, Gehrig PA, Kim KH. Extremes in body mass index affect overall survival in women with cervical cancer. [Published online ahead of print April 4, 2016]. Gynecol Oncol. doi: