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Preference for Oral Levonorgestrel for EC

Contraception; ePub 2016 Mar 1; Turok, Sanders, et al

Oral levonorgestrel (LNG) 1.5 mg with the LNG 52 mg intrauterine device (IUD) was preferred as emergency contraception (EC) over a copper IUD, according to a cohort study of 188 women who provided information regarding their current menstrual cycle and recent unprotected intercourse. Primary outcome was EC failure defined as pregnancies resulting from intercourse occurring within 5 days prior to IUD insertion. Researchers found:

• 67 women (36%) chose the copper IUD and 121 (64%) chose oral LNG plus the LNG IUD.

• Probability of pregnancy 2 weeks after oral LNG plus LNG IUD use was 0.9%.

• The only positive pregnancy test after treatment occurred in a woman who received oral LNG plus the LNG IUD and who had reported multiple episodes of unprotected intercourse, including an episode >5 days prior to treatment.

Citation: Turok DK, Sanders JN, Thompson IS, Royer PA, Eggebroten J, Gawron LM. Preference for and efficacy of oral levonorgestrel for emergency contraception with concomitant placement of a levonorgestrel IUD: a prospective cohort. [Published online ahead of print March 1, 2016]. Contraception. doi: