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IUD Retention After Cesarean or Vaginal Delivery

Contraception; ePub 2017 Nov 8; Colwill, et al

Women are more likely to retain a post-placental intrauterine device (PPIUD) after cesarean delivery (CD) compared to a vaginal delivery (VD), a recent study found. The retrospective cohort study examined the 6-week retention of TCu380A IUDs placed within 10 minutes of placental delivery in VD (n=137) and CD (n=73). Researchers found:

  • Of 169 women who had follow-up, 151 (89.3%) retained their IUD at 6 weeks.
  • All women who underwent CD retained their IUD at 6 weeks postpartum compared to 95/113 (84%) who underwent VD.
  • Strings were detected more frequently in women who had a VD vs those who were delivered by CD.
  • Women who underwent CD had an ultrasound to evaluate IUD location more frequently vs women who underwent VD.


Colwill AC, Schreiber CA, Sammel MD, Sonalkar S. Six-week retention after post-placental copper intrauterine device placement. [Published online ahead of print November 8, 2017]. Contraception. doi:10.1016/j.contraception.2017.10.012.