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New Guideline for Invasive Cervical Cancer

J Glob Oncol; ePub 2016 May 25; Chuang, Temin, et al

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has issued clinical practice guidelines on the management and palliative care of women diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer. Among the ASCO recommendations:

• Clinicians and planners should strive to provide access to the most effective evidence-based antitumor and palliative care interventions.

• If a woman cannot access these within her own or neighboring country or region, she may need to be treated with lower-tier modalities, depending on capacity and resources for surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and supportive and palliative care.

• For women with early-stage cervical cancer in basic settings, cone biopsy or extrafascial hysterectomy may be performed.

• Fertility-sparing procedures or modified radical or radical hysterectomy may be additional options in nonbasic settings.

• Combinations of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy (including brachytherapy) should be used for women with stage IB to IVA disease, depending on available resources.

• Pain control is a vital component of palliative care.


Chuang L, Temin S, Camacho R, et al. Management and care of women with invasive cervical cancer: American Society of Clinical Oncology resource-stratified clinical practice guideline. [Published online ahead of print May 25, 2016]. J Glob Oncol. doi:10.1200/JGO.2016.003954.