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Predicting Mammography Adherence by Income Level

Women’s Health Issues; ePub 2018 Aug 8; Gathirua-Mwangi, et al

Being in contemplation of obtaining a mammogram predicted mammography adherence among insured women and all income groups; however, age predicted mammography adherence for low- and high-income groups, a recent study found. Women aged 41 to 75 years (n=1,681) with health insurance and with no mammogram in the last 15 months were enrolled in the study. Binary logistics regression was used to estimate multivariable-adjusted odds ratios for demographic and health belief factors predicting mammography adherence for each income group: 1) low, <$30,000, 2) middle, $30,000 to $75,000, and 3) high, >$75,000 per year. Researchers found:

  • Being in the contemplation state of obtaining a mammogram predicted mammography adherence across all income groups and was the only predictor in the middle-income group (OR, 3.9).
  • Increased age was associated with 5% increase (per year increase in age) in mammography adherence for low-income (OR, 1.05) and high-income (OR, 1.05) women.
  • Having a doctor recommendation predicted mammography adherence only in low-income women (OR, 10.6).
  • An increase in perceived barriers predicted mammography adherence only among high-income women (OR, 0.96).


Gathirua-Mwangi W, Cohee A, Tarver WL, et al. Factors associated with adherence to mammography screening among insured women differ by income levels. [Published online ahead of print August 8, 2018]. Women’s Health Issues. doi:10.1016/j.whi.2018.06.001.

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