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Physical Activity and Breast Cancer

Measuring activity in survivors

Breast cancer survivors engaged in more moderate-to-vigorous intensity activity (MVPA) than non-cancer controls but were insufficiently active overall, according to a study of 1,518 participants comparing accelerometer-measured activity of various intensities and sedentary behavior between breast cancer survivors and non-cancer controls. Researchers also determined:

• Survivors were more sedentary and engaged in less low-intensity activity.

• Survivors spent an average of 66.4% of their waking time sedentary; 31.1% in light/lifestyle activity; and 2.6% in MVPA.

• Sedentary behavior and light activity may be viable intervention targets.

Citation: Phillips SM, Dodd KW, Steeves J, McClain J, Algano CM, McAuley E. Physical activity and sedentary behavior in breast cancer survivors: New insight into activity patterns and potential intervention targets. Gynecologic Oncology 2015;138(2):398-404. doi:10.1016/j.ygyno.2015.05.026.