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Metastatic Pattern in Stage IV BC at Initial Diagnosis

Breast Cancer Res Treat; ePub 2016 Dec 14; Leone, et al

Substantial differences in overall survival (OS) according to metastatic pattern (MP) were observed among women with stage IV breast cancer at initial diagnosis, according to a recent study. 9,143 women were included from 2010 to 2013, with MP categorized as bone-only (37.5%), visceral (21.9%), bone and visceral (BV) (28.8%), and other (11.9%). Researchers found:

  • Median OS by MP was: bone, 30 months; visceral, 21 months; BV, 19 months; and other, 33 months.
  • Higher number of metastatic sites had worse prognosis, in univariate analysis.
  • In multivariate analysis, older age (HR, 1.9), black race (HR, 1.17), grade III-IV tumors (HR, 1.6), triple-negative (HR, 2.24), BV MP (HR, 2.07), and unmarried patients (HR, 1.25) had significantly shorter OS.
  • Triple-negative and HR-/HER2+ had higher odds of brain, liver, lung, and other metastases when compared with HR+/HER2- tumors.


Leone BA, Vallego CT, Romero AO, et al. Prognostic impact of metastatic pattern in stage IV breast cancer at initial diagnosis. [Published online ahead of print December 14, 2016]. Breast Cancer Res Treat. doi:10.1007/s10549-016-4066-7.