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Is Menopausal HT & Breast Cancer Modified by Race?

J Womens Health (Larchmt); ePub 2017 Jun 1; DeBono, et al

In both black and white women, the association between menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) and invasive breast cancer appears to be similar after accounting for differences in formulation and prior hysterectomy, a recent study found. Data from the Carolina Breast Cancer Study (1993-2001) was used to analyze 1,474 invasive breast cancer cases and 1,339 controls using unconditional logistic regression. The study examined the association between MHT use and incidence of invasive breast cancer in black and white women aged ≥40 years at diagnosis. Researchers found:

  • Black women were less likely to use any MHT and were more likely to use an unopposed-estrogen formulation.
  • Combined estrogen-progestin MHT use was associated with a greater odds of breast cancer in white and black women.
  • Conversely, use of unopposed-estrogen MHT among women with prior hysterectomy was not associated with breast cancer in women of either race.


DeBono NL, Robinson WR, Lund JL, et al. Race, menopausal hormone therapy, and invasive breast cancer in the Carolina Breast Cancer Study. [Published online ahead of print June 1, 2017]. J Womens Health (Larchmt). doi:10.1089/jwh.2016.6063.