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Breast Conservation Surgery vs. Simple Mastectomy

Comparing early postoperative outcomes

Despite a significantly higher rate of preexisting risk factors, women receiving breast conservation surgery (BCS) had fewer overall early postoperative wound, infectious, and bleeding complications than simple mastectomy (SM) with implant reconstruction, according to a study of 11,645 patients. Of those documented, 9,571 underwent BCS and 2,074 underwent SM with implant reconstruction. Researchers found:

• Baseline characteristics of the two groups showed significant differences in age, body mass index, and rates of hypertension, coronary artery disease, COPD, and diabetes. (all higher in BCS group)

• SM with implant group had significantly higher total complication (5.5% vs. 2.1% in BCS).

• Infection rate was higher in SM with implant group (1.9% vs. 0.4% in BCS).

Citation: Pyfer B, Chatterjee A, Chen L, et al. Early postoperative outcomes in breast conservation surgery versus simple mastectomy with implant reconstruction: A NSQIP analysis of 11,645 patients. Ann Surg Oncol. [Published online ahead of print July 29, 2015]. doi: 10.1245/s10434-015-4770-2.